Here at Fair Price Legal, we hammer away at the high cost of litigation and going to court. Fair Price Legal was created to fill a public need. Our name says it all. Fair Price Legal provides quality legal services at a fair price. We try and accommodate every budget and create unique payment options for our clients.

We give our clients personal service and treat everyone with the respect they deserve. Fair Price Legal is not a pro bono service and is not affiliated with any legal clinic or government entity. We are private attorneys who want to help people at a fair rate for certain cases. 


The answer is simple. We focus on resolving issues quickly and in the best interest of our client. We are not here to bill clients until their money runs out or continue cases until clients have paid us thousands of dollars of their hard earned money! We want every case to be settled and/or resolved quickly so clients are satisfied and refer clients to us. That being said, almost 90% of our clients come from referrals of past clients who were impressed and pleased with our services. We have even had referrals from people who we had cases against! 

Obviously, not all matters can be resolved quickly. However, most matters we accept are the types of cases that may be resolved quickly, and overall, you receive a fair price! it's that simple. 


Our services include:

Fair Price Legal also provides certain flat fee a la carte services for specific types of matters such as:

-Uncontested Divorce (both parties agree/no children)- $750 with no court (excludes filing fees to Clerk of Court- ALL COUNTIES IN FLORIDA!)

-Uncontested Divorce (both parties agree/with children)-$1200 (excludes filing fees to Clerk of Court.)

-Prenuptial Agreements (Review and explanation) -$750 (excludes revisions.)


-Petition for Alien Relative -$750 all paperwork (Excludes filing fees and attorney appearance at potential interviews).

-Naturalization-$750 all paperwork (Excludes filing fees and attorney appearance at potential interviews)

-Certain other forms and filings for $750 with the same exclusions as above.

* The above flat fees assume you or your loved one have some legitimate status in the Unites States, have no criminal convictions, and are not or have been in removal/deportation proceedings.*

  Why go to a notary or legal services agency where they are not attorneys just to save a few hundred dollars? Fair Price Legal is a law firm that will draft all the paperwork you need, and you have the confidence that an attorney handled your matter. Peace of mind is priceless, and our a la carte fees are not much higher than what non-attorneys charge for self-help forms.  


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