Family Law

Family Law

Divorce * Child Support * Prenuptial Agreeents * Postnuptial agreements* Guardianship * Modifications * Mediation * Domestic Violence * Timesharing

Fair Price Legal is concerned about you and your family. We strive to provide our clients with the best service that years of experience provides. Family Law in general is very stressful and emotional, and we get it. We have helped hundreds of Florida residents just like you, weather-the-storm.

Our staff is dedicated to your needs and is available to guide you through this rough time in your life, not only with professional legal advice but with compassion as well. Here, you are not just a dollar sign or another nameless client. We are committed to honesty and transparency. Some attorneys may tell you exactly what you want to hear because it sounds good and makes you smile in the short term. However, Fair Price Legal treats our clients as family friends. What that means is that you may not always like what you hear from us but you can rest assured it will be honest and in your best interest.

Fair Price Legal also provides certain flat fee a la carte services for specific types of matters such as:

-Uncontested Divorce (both parties agree/no children)- $750 with no court (excludes filing fees to Clerk of Court- ALL COUNTIES IN FLORIDA!)

-Uncontested Divorce (both parties agree/with children)-$1200 (excludes filing fees to Clerk of Court.)

-Prenuptial Agreements (Review and explanation) -$750 (excludes revisions.)

Why go to a notary or legal services agency where they are not attorneys just to save a few hundred dollars? Fair Price Legal is a law firm that will go to court with you and will draft all the paperwork you need. Peace of mind is priceless, and our a la carte fees are not much higher than what non-attorneys charge for self-help forms.


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