Divorce Process

Divorce can be painful, frustrating, and even overwhelming for everyone involved in it. If parties can work together and agree to the terms of the divorce proceedings, not only do they reduce the stress and turmoil, but they are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome. Fair Price Legal offers practical and flexible solutions that are tailored to your interests. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you through this difficult process so that you can move on with your life.

People come to Fair Price Legal with all types of issues related to their unique divorce case. Fair Price Legal can assist in reviewing Your case to ensure your interests are protected, or we can assist in compiling your wishes into a comprehensive and fair settlement agreement, addressing issues such as:

  • Property division

  • Child custody

  • Spousal support

  • Equitable distribution

  • Child support

And other important concerns regarding your divorce settlement agreement. We can then prepare a strategy to be presented to the courts and converted into your divorce decree.

If a marriage starts to fall apart, it can be difficult to communicate with one another in order to find an agreeable settlement. let alone come to agreement on terms as important as parental responsibility and business asset division. However, when both parties are willing to try to work together to negotiate an agreement, it can save everyone time and money.

We can help you negotiate on complex divorce issues and work with you to create a fair settlement agreement, parenting plan and other components regarding your divorce proceedings. Even if all issues cannot be settled through a negotiation or mediation, any remaining concerns can be brought to the judge. Our attorneys remain dedicated to your interests and your goals, whether we represent you through a negotiated solution or in divorce litigation.


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