If you are in need of a divorce attorney in The Palm Beach county, Broward county or Dade county areas, then Fair Price Legal is the law firm to call. We are experienced in handling all types of divorce proceedings and are dedicated to providing compassionate support and guidance, while also aggressively protecting your rights and your future.


Usually, lawyers can only represent one party in a divorce case and in most cases the parties have two attorneys trying to get the best possible outcome for their client. However, where does all of the money come from to pay for your attorney? The answer is from your marital assets. This approach usually doesn't work well with either party. Whether you "win" or "lose," part of your assets will inevitably have gone to your attorney because in a protracted divorce litigation, the more it costs, the less there is to divide between parties. It may be beneficial to both parties to use a mediator. What is a mediator? A mediator is a disinterested third party who may be able to work with both parties to resolve issues. When your spouse asks for a divorce, take a deep breath, then, after the shock has worn off, and you are no longer raging with anger, ask your spouse what they have in mind. You may be surprised that you may have more to agree upon than not which could save both of you a lot of money in the long run.


There are a number of divorce proceedings available to South Florida residents. Trying to determine which type of divorce is right for you will be based off certain individual factors, such as your relationship with your spouse, the structure of your assets and liabilities, how close in agreement you and your partner are in matters related to the divorce, and your motivations for pursuing a divorce, other factors can be taken under consideration.

  • Contested divorce

  • Uncontested divorce

  • Mediated divorce

  • Collaborative divorce

  • Simplified divorce

  • Military divorce


Yes. A no fault divorce means that neither party is considered directly responsible for the end of the marriage. In the state of Florida, you don't have to prove that you have grounds for divorce, such as abandonment, abuse or adultery. All you have to do is ask for a divorce, file the necessary paperwork and the marriage must be considered by the court to be irretrievably broken. No fault divorces are generally quicker and easier to obtain than "at fault" divorces because there is no need to prove fault by one party in a courtroom. However, if one spouse is considered at fault for ending the marriage, because of situations such as domestic abuse, an extramarital affair or other actions that may have created a problem in the relationship between the couple, the assignment of fault, although not legal in nature, can affect the outcome of child custody, alimony and property division decisions.

The average divorce trial can sometimes be expensive to both sides financially and emotionally. Judges try to be fair on both sides and most of all are concerned about the child's well being. You must keep in mind that the Judge does not know you or your family. They deal with hundreds of cases at the same time and have to make decisions based upon testimony and documentation provided by both parties. No matter which type of divorce you choose to pursue, however, we can help. To learn more about each type of divorce proceeding, call us at 954-210-7777 for a free 30 consultation.


A so-called child custody battle can be one of the most stressful issues in any divorce or paternity case. Often, most cases start out as a relatively simple issue that can quickly escalate into a bitter battle for both parties without the best interests of the child. At Fair Price Legal we help our clients remember that the wellbeing of their child is what matters most in a timesharing case. Our office is experienced in negotiating and litigating timesharing or parenting issues, always taking the best interests of your children at hand.


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