The Detention Bed Quota

Have you ever driven on the interstate during the last week of any given month and it appeared there were double the police cars with their strobe lights blaring pulling some unlucky driver over for a ticket? Sure you have. Many people believe law enforcement officers have a ticket quota they have to fill each month and that at the end of the month more efforts are made to meet that quota. Do officer’s really have a ticket quota each month? Law enforcement says no. Imagine the public outcry if it were proven that officers intentionally targeted citizens with the intent of reaching a quota!


That being said, have you ever heard of the detention bed quota? It’s a quota set by the United States Congress where ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is required to maintain a daily count of 34,000 detention bed spaces within local and private correctional facilities; detention bed spaces that are specifically reserved for immigrants to fill. Watch the short video below:

One of the requirements for ICE to receive federal funding is contingent based on attaining the daily detention bed quota set by Congress. The argument from concerned citizens is how does ICE intend to fill those bed spaces? Where exactly can you find unlawful immigrants at a rate of 34,000 per day? The answer is; nobody seems to know! Recently the detention bed quota has been under scrutiny by some congressmen who feel that it’s an unjust way of detaining immigrants who in so many instances have only minor violations or no law violations whatsoever. In fact, an amendment is being introduced by Senator Coons (D) (DE) proposing that the detention bed quota should be eliminated altogether because there are no winners with that type of ideology. According to Senator Coons the detention bed quota is a very dynamic concept; innocent Immigrants are being victimized, taxpayers are funding the program by spending billions of dollars per year and the private prison corporations are raking in the dough!

Unfortunately it’s no “MYTH”, the detention bed quota actually exists. The question is; should the detention bed quota be eliminated? And would you support the amendment to eliminate the detention bed quota proposed by Senator Coons?

In the past five years a record number of legal immigrants have been locked up in the US. Officials are driven by a federal mandate that obliges them to keep 34 thousand behind bars every day. RT's Marina Portnaya reports. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!


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