She’s Baaack!

Sarah Palin recently announced that she would seriously consider serving under a Donald Trump administration if he was elected President of the United States in 2016. It’s not hard to forget the spunky former governor of Alaska that campaigned as the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee. Some may argue that Sarah Palin took the nation by storm, not because of her master plan on how she would create jobs or how great this nation would be under her leadership; she took the nation by storm because of how much she didn’t know PERIOD! According to a CBS Evening News exclusive interview with Katie Couric, Sarah Palin had no clue about state capitols, the content of newspapers that she claimed to have read, what a vice president’s job consists of or about politics period. Watch the two short videos below:


The purpose of this article is not to blast Sarah Palin, although some may love the idea of a “Palin Roast” session. What’s more important though are her views on immigration and how she exasperates those who support immigrants. Sarah Palin made some pretty interesting comments about GOP candidate, Jeb Bush who put his Spanish speaking skills on display during a recent interview while on the campaign trail. In Palin’s own words, “if you are in America, you should speak American!” Watch her response to Jeb Bush below:

Some may argue that Sarah Palin actually has a place in American politics, even though she firmly believes that Africa is a country. Just when the world thought that Donald Trump was way off the mark with his views on immigration, Sarah Palin resurfaces with an even more unorthodox view. It’s no secret that the GOP lost tons of support and respect over the years due to their outdated views on how this country should be led. Some polls show that the GOP is slowly gaining traction with a new attitude for 2016.

But here’s the question:

What state would this country be in if we embraced Sarah Palin’s views on immigration? More importantly, what message would Donald Trump send to the world if he embraced Sarah Palin as she makes a silent bid for a cabinet position in his administration?


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