Dear Donald Trump


When the news broke that billionaire real estate mogul and reality-television personality, Donald Trump was announcing his bid for the 2016 GOP nomination, some Americans were really ecstatic! For a brief moment, the mere thought of the Don, a successful billionaire with a fairly modest upbringing as the leader of the free world may have been a blissful one! Let’s face it, if Donald Trump could build successful empires that stood the test of time, surely he could lead America to the promise land! The Don is “The Big Boss” after all; that being said, at least the employment rate would sky- rocket. The Don is one of history’s most successful real estate moguls so at the very least the housing market would make a strong recovery. Just when the republican base got lost in what could have been the new American dream, BANG! Like the shot heard around the world, they were shot right back down to earth! All was going well on that faithful day of June 16th, 2015 during the press conference when Donald Trump claimed


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